Kaavalan Song Track List

Posted on Dec 8 2010 - 11:36am by admin

Kaavalan Song Track List

Vijay’s much expected Kaavalan movie audio songs has been released worldwide today and its available on stores now. Kaavalan songs are rocking and the songs has already started creating waves among all vijay fans.

Kaavalan has five songs and the music for the movie has been scored by vidyasagar.

Kaavalan Songs Track List:

No. Song Lyrics Choreographer Singers
1 “Vinnai Kaapan Oruvan” Pa. Vijay Dinesh Tippu
2 “Sadasadavena Mazhai” Yugabharathy Raju Sundaram Karthik
3 “Step Step” Vivega Raju Sundaram Benny Dayal
4 “Yaar Ithu” Yugabharathy Vishnu Deva Karthik
5 “Pattam Puchi” Kabilan Vishnu Deva Kay Kay Shreya Goshal
  • sathish

    Songs are superb..

    all songs are great especially step it up,yaar adhu, sada sada.

  • s.manojarunkumar

    All songs are very super thalaiva

  • barath

    Thalaiva songs all r super and also film will be super duper

  • sandhiya

    all songs are really superb especially yaradhu and pattam poochi awesome songs
    congrats vijay anna ur success starts now onwards

  • pokkiri payal

    hey friends 3 idiots la vijay nadikkirara

  • nithin

    one of the best album….. which is gonna be a visual treat for all the viewers……. thaky u vidhyasagar sir for giving such beautiful melodies…… the most superb line i liked is… “yannai thanthathin silay neeyae thinam yerum thangathin vilay neeyae”…….. in pattamboochi song…….and geethu your review was excellent… keep on give your valued views and let others knw abt our thalapathy……..


    Now Chennai audio celebration is going On

  • keerthi

    தமிழ் சினிமாவின் அடுத்த சூப்பர் ஸ்டார் யார்?
    Hits Percent Graph
    286 90.8%
    16 5.1%
    5 1.6%
    4 1.3%
    4 1.3%
    0 0%

    see thalapathy rocksssss….. east or west thalapathy is best….

  • உங்கள் வினு

    3 இடியட்ஸ் விலகல் -விஜய் விளக்கம்
    3 இடியட்ஸ் விலகல் -விஜய் விளக்கம்
    3 இடியட்ஸ் விலகல் -விஜய் விளக்கம்
    3 இடியட்ஸ் விலகல் -விஜய் விளக்கம்
    3 இடியட்ஸ் விலகல் -விஜய் விளக்கம்
    3 இடியட்ஸ் விலகல் -விஜய் விளக்கம்
    3 இடியட்ஸ் விலகல் -விஜய் விளக்கம்

    dont miss it


  • Naveen


  • Abinaya

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    Vote here,


    one vote for one person per day. Every day all Of You Vote him….from Now on everyone here start to vote Vijay!!

  • Asha_81

    wow lovely songs 🙂

  • Kavalan vijay rocks songs arul ram

  • Anoop(Switzerland)


  • this is wat we expect fro vijay ,absolutely superb songs,sameway the movie should also be nice

  • giri

    Rasiganvj@gmail.com… This is my id ghilli Gokul..

  • Anna intha movie la unga fav steps ethum iruka like atm,kuruvi,sura ect….

  • When it comes to Darling Of Masses, Vijay sir Is an Indian Tom cruise!!

    When it Comes to Dance, Vijay Sir Is an Indian Michael Jackson!!

    When it comes to Mindblowing Action stunts, Vijay sir Is an Indian Jackie Chan!!

    When it comes to Humouring With Rib Tickling Comedies, Vijay sir is an Indian Charlie Chaplin!!

    When it comes to Style icon , Vijay
    Sir is An Indian Johnny Depp!!



    Sada Sada Mazaiyeana Konjam
    Thada Thada Raileana Konjam
    Adikadi Adikadi Thudikudhu Nenjam Sugam Konjam Konjam

    – “KAVALAN”

    ThE BodyGuarDaY

  • giri

    hi ghilly gokul, jus now sometime back i saw ur site.. all new stills are excellent.. great job dude.. hats off… keep up the good work.. congrats


    “Aval Nerathil Varuvala..
    Parkka Than Viduvala…
    Partha La Moraippala..
    Pal Pola Sirippala… Ha..
    Ketta Than Koduppala..
    Kela Mal Anaippala”..

  • Albert Mark(Russia)

    I love all the songs. Special for me is step step step it up and Yaaradhu.
    Our Indian Michael Jackson Gonna Rock this Globe

  • Albert Mark(Russia)

    Kaavalan Soongs are Amazingggg.
    No chance to beat our INDIAN TOM CRUISE Ilayathalapathy Vijay Dance in All those songs. Woww. .


    “Vinnai Kappan Oruvan. . .
    Mannai Kappan Oruvan. . .
    Unnai Ennai Kakkum Avanae Avanae Iraivan(Thalapathy)”…
    What A Speed Opening Song…


    Wow My area celebration s rocking guyz. Milk abhishek and speakers. Thalaiva ungalukaga yethiyum seivom.

  • suresh

    pls leave tat news 3ids news…….we can expect in kavalan at this time right now…..pls send me trailor link


    Hai thalapathy fans plzz buy orginal audio kavalan cd on shop to show our thalapathy mass da plz everyone should buy cd its our duty plzzz.

    AmmaiAppanea AATHI Samy..
    AattamNa Yannanu Aadi Kamy..

    – KAVALANyt

    Adina Adi Seama Adi Intro..
    Melodyna Melody Cute 4 Melodys..
    Sympl And Rocks..

    Aalanakandanay Aattathukku Mannanay Anantha Thandavam Aaduvomay !! Vinnaikappan Oruvan KAAVALAN lyrics rulzz


    Pl§ Bu¥ Φrig¡nAl CD (rs.99 Φnly) tΦ ¡ncRea§ $alE

    Evn U haV V¡jAy §ΦnG a§ HellΦ tuNe, cHanGe ¡t tΦ KAVALAN tune

    BcΦs 1ly V r gΦ¡Ng 2 prΦMΦt

  • giri

    To:Shaun Jacod(Kimberly-South Africa)

    it’s ok yar…your reason is acceptable.. keep enjoying the songs…

  • suresh

    good review da

  • Vijay fan

    Friends VIJAY OUT OF 3IDIOTS it’s officialy confrimed now.
    Source:zee tamil top 10 cenima news


    Frm V¡jay’s ¡nterv¡ew ¡n T¡mes Θf Ind¡a v can cΘnclude-

    _V¡jay may nΘt dΘ 3¡d¡Θts

    _Velayutham w¡ll be a 2Θ11 summer release

    _R¡ght nΘw nΘth¡ng abt pΘl¡t¡cs

    Thamizh IdhayanGalai KaakuM KAAVALAN
    Isai THALAPATHY In Thaaru Maaru….DaY…
    Ada Aattam Na Enna Nu Aadi Kaami….

    Kaavalan Thunai ‘PuYal Veesinalum ThalaPathY PuGazh AzhiYadhu’ ‘Kana Mazhai Vanthalum Thiru Malaiyin Vetri KuraiYadhu’..

  • Good review Geetha

  • Songs are very nice.thalapathy rockzz…..

  • Ganesh

    HATSOFF 2 Vidyasagar sir…..expect pannatha vida song excellenta iruku……..super melodies…

    Nice review GEETHA

  • Step Step Step It Up…

  • Indian Media and press world have sorted out 5 Most precious Diamonds in India which Needs to be Treasured. They are,

    Vijay is a Biggest mass hero who has Worldwide huge Fan following like Rajnikanth !


  • Indian Tom Cruise Superstar Vijay vaazhka !
    Indian Tom Cruise Superstar Vijay Vaazhka !
    Indian Tom Cruise Superstar Vijay Vaazhka !
    Indian Tom Cruise Superstar Vijay Vaazhka !

  • Siva(Kaavalan)

    All songs r very superb.Especially yaradhu,step it up,sada sada r excellent. Thalapathy kaavalan rocking………..

    Thanks & Regards,
    Siva(Born 2 win)

  • Giri, If I were in India I would have Got More than 50 Audio Cds In shops. But I’m in South africa here Where can i Find shop which sells Kaavalan Audio Cd! Dont mistake me I’m downloaded Songs online only ya. Sorry for that.
    My most favourite Vijay Album after Pokiri,ATM will be Kaavalan at recent times..
    Please Release the movie in South Africa… We wanna see our Thalayva in Big screen..

  • Kaavalan Songs are Really Brilliant!
    We want Kaavalan To be Released in South Africa , Nigeria, Serbia. MAKE IT A BIG RELEASE AND INCREASE THE PRINTS SO THAT WE CAN ALSO WATCH IT IN CINEMA HALLS.
    Indian Diamonds Are Rajnikanth Vijay A.R.R and Shankar

    Vijay sir Is an Indian Tom cruise!

  • giri

    Rocking review geetha.. Excellent.. Friends pls buy original cd’s which wil be available in stores later today or tomorrow.. Don’t download from net.. Cant u spend jus 50rs for our thalapathi

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  • karthik

    rocking songs…marana mass

  • My Audio Review
    1)Vinnai Kaapan – Starts like a Typical Intro Song but It completely Drove You Up When It gets Finishes. As it is a Festival song the beat needs more Stronger And is Come out very well than expected! The lyric in this particular song is a special treat for Vijay Fans! Also It gives you a traditional feel which has More possibilities to click at B and C centres!
    2)Sada Sada vena- A fast paced Melody Number . Absolutely This song is a clear winner among the tough Contestant of 5 ! It really Dominated by Back ground Beats and At the same time The lyric is so Enjoyable especially for Youths!
    3)Pattamboochi Koopidumbothe- An another Melody Number that absolutely Makes everyone non stop Looping. Music has been scored out Amazingly well for this number. And rhythm is brilliant and It catches With Everyone even in an Initial hearing !
    4)Yaaradhu Yaaradhu- Its My Pick in the Album. Well One could Not Expect more a Slow Attractive Melody Song Like This! To note a Telephone ring Beats At parts Which is More relevant to Story of the movie!
    No doubt This Years Best Melody number Will be Yaaradhu Yaaradhu !
    5)Step it Up- with Benny Dayals Another Master piece Voice This song starts with an Amazing Royal tune and Completely Dominated by Beats! No words to describe about this number When you hear it You cant Stop humming lately yeah Step step step it Up Will lately become a Rhyme For Kids
    verdict: Album has Got a Right Mix of mass+class ! After a Long period an undoubtedly Absolute Album From Both Vidhyasagar And Vijay!
    Rating: 4.8/5

  • Guyzz original CD of KAVALAN is available in stores from today evening …………………….

    richi streen chennai celebration postponded tomorrow